The new policies proposed by the Trump administration and supported by County Commissioner Ron Beaty favor a dying industry at the expense of new, sustainable industries in the energy sector and elsewhere (“Pursue offshore drilling in Cape Cod waters,” Letters, Feb. 11).

Contamination from offshore drilling would have devastating impacts on nearly every other major industry on the Cape, from fishing and aquaculture to tourism and real estate.

For example, sea vegetable production, which is currently exploding in the Northeast, has the potential to feed the world, filter excess nutrients and heavy metals from our waters and atmosphere and create artificial storm barriers and habitats in which wild local species can flourish — all in an industry that requires zero fertilizer, fresh water or even space (the waters above these operations remain open to recreational use). Opening our coasts to offshore drilling would imperil new industries like this at a time when Americans should be investing in them instead.

Let’s leave nationalism and our country’s shameful legacy of resource-scarcity-driven environmental exploitation behind us. We have resources and ingenuity available today to create sustainable industries that will ensure not only a cleaner planet, but generations of job opportunities for our children, and theirs, and theirs. Let’s harness them.

Ralph Bousquet

Marstons Mills