Good for Josh McDaniels, the Patriots offensive coordinator.

I have retired from sales, but the basic facts of selling haven’t changed: No order is an order until it is shipped and paid for.

Therein lies the classic error of the Indianapolis Colts management team that thought it had a buy and went out and spoke too soon. A verbal OK is not OK. “We are going to have a press conference to announce a contract with new coach that we intend to sign. Everyone good with that? Let’s go tell everyone and make a big splash, even if it isn’t a done deal!”

Well, guess what. The deal never got signed and the goods never got delivered. The seller in this case discovered that there was more opportunity at an acceptable price and in a more comfortable location. Good for Josh, who had to know the backlash wouldn’t be pretty but valued his lifestyle and that of his wife and four young children.

It takes a man to walk away, and I’m glad he did. He went from seller to buyer, and I think he made a great buy — signed, sealed and delivered!

Steve Curley

West Yarmouth