Most people love their domesticated dogs. Coyotes are canids, which makes them members of the dog family. A coyote is just a beautiful dog that lives in nature.

The coyote hunting contest is a contest to eradicate the most coyotes possible — especially the largest ones — with money offered as the Grand Prize.

This is a disturbing trend that spreading like an insidious disease throughout this country. The agencies that were established through our sacred institutions to protect animals have been bought and sold. And there are no laws to protect these animals from this kind of assault.

This contest will destroy female coyotes, and their pups will die. This is not about sustenance, because in the 21st century, we have modern-day supermarkets. These hunts disrupt our ecosystem, as coyotes are crucial in controlling rodent populations.

To call this contest ethical is repugnant, because there is nothing moral about it. Those who would participate in these contests have blatant disregard for animal life and are proud to take blood money.

Conservation is the protection of animals in nature, not the callous act of obliterating it.

Laura Bianchi

Yarmouth Port